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Where to get GelX®

Where can I get GelX®?

Icon Your Hospital

Your Hospital

If you are under the care of a hospital, the hospital may dispense GelX® for you. Please discuss the availability of GelX® with the nurse or doctor responsible for your care.

Icon Your GP

Your GP

GelX® is also available on prescription from your GP.

Icon Your Pharmacist

Your Pharmacist

GelX® is also available to order from your local pharmacy.

Each bottle of GelX® provides a month’s supply.

If you are unable to get GelX® from your hospital or GP, it is available to purchase through your local pharmacy. Speak to your pharmacist who should be able to order it for you by searching the code to the right.

PIP Code: 413-6198

For further information regarding ordering GelX, please contact us:


Galen Limited
Seagoe Industrial Estate
BT63 5UA
T: 028 3833 4974

Trusted by patients & healthcare professionals…

I started using GelX after 1 cycle of chemotherapy. I had already started with a number of large mouth ulcers and was finding eating and swallowing painful. After just 2 days of using GelX, no further ulcers appeared. Throughout my chemo treatments I only had a handful of small ulcers. I can wholeheartedly say that GelX has made a significant difference to my oral comfort and enabled me to eat more normally than I could have done…A truly wonderful product!

Jayne, Patient, Wrexham

I was kindly sent GelX at the beginning of my throat cancer journey. During treatment this was a fantastic product that enabled me to have a life. Eating, drinking, smiling - GelX played a big part. I would 100% fully recommend this product to anybody without hesitation.

Jon, Patient, Surrey

I support patients with Head and Neck cancers and have found, since the introduction of GelX during radiotherapy (with or without chemotherapy), mucositis is reduced. This has meant for some patients, stronger analgesics have not been necessary or at least not required so early on during their course of radiotherapy. We find using GelX prophylactically in Head and Neck cancer patients, receiving radiotherapy, helps reduce the severity of mucositis.

Head & Neck Specialist Radiographer, Kent

We have been using GelX for about a year now. Mucositis has been improved in patients who use it consistently from the beginning of treatment.

Dr. Jennifer Turner, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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