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What is Oral Mucositis?

Oral mucositis is a painful inflammation of the lining of the mouth and throat (oral mucosa) and is one of the most common complications of radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments. It is extremely painful and debilitating for patients and has a serious impact on their Quality of Life.2,3

Oral mucositis can manifest as oral mucosal atrophy, erythema, erosion, and ulceration or as a combination of these manifestations.3 Severe cases of oral mucositis may interrupt a cancer treatment schedule if not properly addressed.

What are the signs of Oral Mucositis?8

Difficulty Talking Icon
Difficulty Talking
Soreness Icon
Trouble Eating Icon
Trouble Eating
Burning Sensation Icon
Burning Sensation

What does oral mucositis feel like?8

Red, shiny or swollen mouth & gums
Difficulty swallowing/talking
Blood in the mouth
Soft white patches/pus on the tongue
Mouth, gum or tongue sores
Dryness/burning/pain when eating
Pain in the mouth or throat
Increased mucus/thicker saliva

Think you have oral mucositis?

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