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How to Order

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NameItemPackPIP Code
GelX® Oral Spray100ml1413-6193

Price Comparison

ProductList Price11Recommended DoseMonthly CostDaily Cost
GelX® Oral Spray 100ml£49.213 sprays 3 times per day£49.21£1.64
Caphosol 30 Doses£34.281 Dose 4-10 times daily£137.10 - £342.90£4.57- £11.43
Caphosol 120 Doses£130.701 Dose 4-10 times daily£130.80 - £326.70£4.36- £10.89
Gelclair 21 Sachets£35.623 sachets per day£152.66£5.09

Monthly Cost is based on 30 days